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Please click the link to to buy the CD or Digital download, available on Linda's Bandcamp page.

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Linda Campbell. My Geography
“My Geography” is Linda’s album consisting of twelve new original songs. Utilising modern technology, the album has musical contributions spanning three continents from guitar legends Albert Lee and Jerry Donahue, Merseybeat veteran Brian Saxophone Jones and renowned Bansuri flute player Baqir Abbas - who joined many of Linda’s musician friends in putting their time, faith and talent into the creation of this album. Available from Linda's Bandcamp site as a CD package with booklet. Or as a Digital download.
Click the link above.
Linda Campbell. The Dry Side Of The Fishbowl
"The Dry Side Of The Fishbowl" is Linda's newest album of original inspiring music. It will be available soon on both CD and digital download. Watch this space or go to Linda's BandCamp page for other products.
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