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What a fantastic review! Thank you Music Republic Magazine

You know those moments when you hear an album/LP for the first time and it's as if it has been with you lifelong? This is one of those moments. Linda Campbell's 'My Geography'. Well, it would appear to be my geography too. 

Key moments across every track and the cover artwork itself puts album cover artwork back on the map. I can't think of anyone with a pulse who wouldn't 'get' this go get it. A wonder of the age. Hardly a surprise to find that master guitarist Albert Lee volunteered his services to play on the disc. He's played with all of the greats and none of the duffers. Available now at Amazon and other outlets. Light up your Summer. Light up your life. 

I remember where I was when I first heard it ... sitting here about 1 hour ago. It is now on constant replay.

Tim Quinn

Well Linda've gone and done it to me again gave me your previous album last year and after hearing the first track on driving home from the junction I decided to drive past home and out to Southport to listen to the whole album ..Tonight I bought your new album from Brian ..and as usual put it on in the car as I left the junction taken with it I pulled onto the motorway control on 50 mph..lay back ....turned around at LONGRIDGE junction ...and listened to it all the way back .It's brilliant and 2 of my idol guitarists on it too ..Albert Lee and String bending Jerry Donaghue ..well done hope goes well for you .xx


Linda. Album fantastic. Songs Fantastic. Singer fantastic. Job done I would  say. You should be very proud. Well done.

Gerry C

“I couldn’t wait to get the CD home and in the studio and have a listen to it.”


“John Simpson was right. Isn’t it wonderful? Linda Campbell. The album is called My Geography. Albert Lee and Jerry Donahue are amongst the names who contributed instrumentally to the record and I think it is absolutely lovely. “

Bob Harris. BBC Radio 2
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